Our guiding principle is straightforward: To do our best to source the highest quality local and international ingredients that we can. We are constantly inspired by exploring all of the different produce and wines that the Niagara region and beyond have to offer.


Our primary focus is on Ontario, and for good reason. The grape growers in this region craft some of the best wines we've ever encountered. Each one possesses a distinctive terroir, yielding world-class wines that rival your beloved international producers. Rest assured, you can have full confidence in our expertise; we have a deep understanding of our craft.


We pride ourselves on crafting fresh pasta daily, using the same straightforward, quality ingredients found in traditional Italian kitchens.


We are currently undergoing renovations to our second floor, which will host a private dining room, an extension of our main floor restaurant, as well as an outdoor patio. Our vision is to bring winemakers and our guests an intimate and enjoyable experience by hosting events featuring food pairings and incredible wines sourced both locally and internationally. Don't forget to join our mailing list so you don't miss out on these unforgettable events.



Behind the scenes is our very own Chef Davide, with over 30 years of hospitality experience, Davide made the decision to move to St. Catharines so he may continue his journey of exploring everything food and wine that Niagara has to offer. He is, and always will be most inspired by his mothers relentless work ethic and boundless generosity towards others, as well as his grandmothers insatiable curiosity and love for food.

Ryan and Lindsay, from their gastronomic voyages, have acquired extensive expertise in the art of service and creating memorable dining experiences. Their combined efforts bring a unique ambiance to the restaurant, influenced by their visits to the many hidden culinary gems off the beaten path.